just pop the top, grab a spoon, and enjoy your homemade cake in a jar!!

After 20 years of making cakes in a jar for her family, creator and owner Sophie Watson is ready to share Sophie’s Cakes in a Jar™ with the world. One evening, while developing a fundraising idea for her church in Los Angeles, she knew she had to come up with something that allowed her to use her love and passion for baking, to give back to the community. After deciding to bake her famous homemade cakes, she had to come up with a way to ship the cakes safely from one location to the next. Ms. Sophie decided to try baking them in a few mason jars she had in the house, as a safer means of shipping. Soon, her creation would be in high demand, as she sold every jar at the fundraiser and became well known in the community for her cakes in jars.

Now you too can join Ms. Sophie's extended family and treat yourself to an experience you won't soon forget!! A lover of her community, Ms. Sophie has dedicated a portion of all of her proceeds to a youth Performing Arts program located in Compton, CA: Discover.YOU™, Inc

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designed with health in mind!!

Sophie’s Cakes in a Jar™ provides a unique eating experience with something so close to our hearts:: cake. Offering the cakes in a jar makes for a creative way to have dessert at birthday parties, weddings, bridal/baby showers, corporate events, or for personal indulgence. Whether purchasing a small or large sized cake, each jar allows a special experience for everyone who partakes. Each cake is handmade from the freshest local ingredients handpicked by Sophie, and are made to order; resulting in fresh, flavorful, and delicious cakes. By utilizing the mason jars, each cake has a shelf life of at least two weeks without refrigeration, and provides the perfect portion size.